Operations Resilience – It is not about buying stuff

I had a potential client come to me last week, and I lost them as a client within five minutes.

They wanted to engage me to tell them what they need to buy to prepare for emergencies. I answered that buying things is not the answer. I suggested they spend time with me to understand the risks they face, their effects and the probability they may happen. Then, we could work to mitigate those risks and prepare to respond to them, should the risks become real.

They wanted an easy answer. My idea of spending time getting educated about risks was rejected.

I lost out on some quick revenue. I know they will find online plenty of things to buy.

Real resilience is about educating one to understand your own risks and their probability, and developing a plan to address them. The answer is harder and more mundane than just purchasing stuff.

Something very good came out of this. That potential client complained to a friend that I would not help them buy things, but suggested education and planning before purchases. That friend liked what he heard, and now I will be working with his small but growing firm.

One thought on “Operations Resilience – It is not about buying stuff

  1. Pete, great article. Some groups don’t appreciate the benefits of hard work up front. It takes real leadership to see what is best for the group and it usually takes hard work.


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